fredag, juli 29

Luna Lovegood

Den här månaden ingick jag i ett team med både Gryffindor och Ravenclaw, vi tilsammans bildade team Ravendor. Uppdraget var att sticka något inspirerat av en medlem i Dumbledores Army och jag valde Luna Lovegood. Till det man stickade skulle man skriva en historia som berättade om ens karaktär och kopplingen till det man stickat. Ravendors bakgrundshistoria är att de alla är på väg till en återförening på "Three Broomsticks" 20 år senare.

Jag hade min historia ganska klar i huvudet men jag lät min mans otroliga fantasi och litterära förmåga sätta den på pränt och jag tycker den blev fantastiskt bra!

As Luna Lovegood began her stroll towards what she was sure to be a remarkable reunion, the cold wind striking her face unfolded the fact that she was rather lightly dressed. Shivering she rushed back into her house and ran upstairs to grab a scarf or shawl to keep her warm.  She ripped open her wardrobe, feeling rather stressed as time was now of the essence, and found herself staring at a terribly unorganized pile of various garments. After browsing through the unending stream of fabric, she gave up and like many times before Luna left her faith in the hands of chance. 'Something good will come from it, it always does', she thought, pointed her wand directly at the now even more unorganized pile, and uttered clearly:

- Accio shawl!

To Lunas delight a purple lace shawl, she had knitted during her Hogwarts years, appeared. It used to be her favourite since she had made it out of an old cardigan which she also used to be very fond of. The reason for her emotional bond to this particular shawl, and for the cardigan also for that matter, was the fact that she had wore the cardigan in question the first time she met her very good friend, Harry Potter. She remembered it clearly now, the odd sensation she had felt when Harry had gazed upon her with pure comradeship, rather than a wish to distance himself from her which she had grown used to. Not that she complained or felt left out in any way, but until she met Harry Potter she couldn’t really say that she felt included either.

Luna looked at her shawl and found her self smiling really big, almost laughing actually. Then she realized she was running late and swept what used to be her favourite shawl, made from what used to be her favourite cardigan, around her neck and was soon on her way to what was soon to be her favourite reunion.   

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  1. Vilken härlig histora. Låter precis som Luna ju. Och vilken fin sjal.